Continued Care Retirement Community

A continuing care community, also known as life-care community, is a type of retirement community. In the U.S. where a number of aging care needs, from assisted living, independent living and nursing home care, may all be met in a single residence, whether in an apartment in an apartment in a congregate housing facility, a room or apartment in an assisted living facility, and in a skilled nursing home. These various levels of shelter and care are housed on different floors or wings of a single high-rise building or in physically adjacent buildings, such as garden apartments, cottages, duplexes, mid- and low-rise building, or spread out in a campus setting.

The average continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in the United States contains just over 330 units, made up of 231 independent or congregate living units, 34 assisted living beds, and 70 skilled nursing home beds. Typically, elderly candidates move into a continuing-care retirement community while still living independently, with few health risks or healthcare needs, and will be remain there until end of life.

As patrons progress in age, and medical need change, the level of nursing care and service increases proportionally. In such a way, the needs of patrons are consistently monitored and catered to, particularly as those needs become more intensive. If greater illness or injury warrants hospitalization, the patron may return to his or her residence after recovery, and should receive appropriate treatment and care.

Continuing-care communities are ideal for seniors that may be living in isolation, and would like to be immersed in a hospitable environment with other people of the same age. Typically, a range of activities and amenities are provided for both recreation and resource. However, CCRCs are costly, and vary widely in entrance and recurring fees.

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