Cell and Communication Tower

A cell site or cell tower is a cellular telephone site where antennas and electronic communications equipment are placed, usually on a radio mast, tower or other high place, to create a cell (or adjacent cells) in cellular network. The elevated structure typically supports antennas, and one or more sets of transmitter/receivers transceivers, digital signal processors, control electronics, a GPS receiver for timing, primary and back up electrical power sources, and sheltering. Some cities require that cell sites be inconspicuous, for example blended with the surrounding area. Preserved treescapes can often hide cell towers inside an artificial tree or preserved trees. These installations are generally referred to as concealed cell site or stealth cell sites.

Many times the income stream if just the cell tower is traded. Sometimes, the cell towers are included in part of a much larger property. We have appraised cell towers occupied by all the major companies across the nation and have dedicated commercial appraisers focused on this specific property type. Please contact us for any cell tower/cell site/cellular appraisal services.