Car Wash

A car wash (also known as carwash or auto wash) is a facility used to clean the exterior and, in some cases, the interior of motor vehicles. Many care washes are located within gas stations/service stations. There is a broad range of car wash property types as shown in the following:

Hand car wash facilities, where the vehicle is washed by employees
Self-service car wash facilities, which are generally coin-operated, where the customer does the washing, including “jet washing.”
In-bay automatic, which consists of an automatic car wash machine that rolls back and forth over a stationary vehicle – often seen at gas stations and stand-alone car wash site.
Tunnel washes, which use a conveyor to move the vehicle through a series of fixed cleaning mechanisms.
Chemical car wash, also known as waterless car wash, uses chemicals to wash and polish car surface.
At Vanguard, we have experienced and dedicated commercial appraisers focused on car wash appraisals of all property types and are keenly aware of how demand and supply segments, market conditions and competitive supply affect valuation of different car wash property types. Please contact us for any car wash appraisal services.