Expert Witness

Vanguard Realty Advisors provides litigation support and expert witness testimony for our clients involved in legal disputes concerning real estate.  These can include matrimonial cases, bankruptcy, estate tax and IRS audits, lease disputes, rent resetting, partnership dissolution, arbitration, mediation, disputes between owners/parties. We can assist litigation counsel in developing winning strategies and provide litigation quality narrative appraisal reports required for various courts, including Federal Court, as well as provide expert testimony in court. We can also provide critiques of the other appraisers’ reports or formal rebuttal reports. We can also prepare trial exhibits to be used at the trial itself.  Cases in most venues require meeting court mandated deadlines for discovery, deposition, or trial. We understand the valuation challenges and the need for maintaining schedules. So if you need litigation support and or expert witness services that works, we will deliver it with passion and integrity.