Month: April 2024

Why does a commercial appraisal cost more than a residential appraisal?

Many people don’t know the cost of a commercial appraisal. They are often stunned after they get a quote. Most people only know the costs and turn-around times for appraising single-family homes. In general, commercial appraisal costs anywhere from $2,000 to +$5,000 dollars and takes two to four weeks to complete. The costs of commercial… Read More

Restricted Appraisal Report Guide: What You Need to Know

This article will teach you about the Restricted Appraisal Report. What is a Restricted Appraisal Report? What is the main difference between a Restricted Appraisal Report and a Narrative Appraisal report? How much does a Restricted Appraisal Report cost? How does that compare to a Narrative Commercial Appraisal report? What does a Restricted Appraisal Report… Read More

Real Estate Appraisal Review Guide: Everything You Need To Know

This article will teach you about the real estate Appraisal Review process. What is an Appraisal Review? Why are appraisal reviews needed? When is an appraisal review required? Who can be an Appraisal Reviewer? Types of appraisal review reports Who would order an appraisal review and under what circumstances? What happens after an appraisal review?… Read More